Movements a Dancer

Two weeks ago, I finally got to capture an image that had been churning in the creative recesses of my mind for a while. I had an image of a beautiful and elegant ballet dancer twirling through the air in a run-down, urban location. I had the location, an abandoned warehouse/hall with graffiti all over the walls and a growing landscape of scrap and junk. What I needed was a talented dancer and an amazing team.

I found Alyson a few months ago and thankfully she showed interest in the shoot. She’s a beautiful dancer that makes executing multiple passé sauté entournants in a dimly-lit room through a narrow path between two rows of carts look elegant and easy. For hair & makeup, I had the pleasure of getting the amazingly talented Yumi on board. If you need any kind of makeup done, contact her. She quit nursing to become a makeup artist–she’s that good.

Special thanks to Austin who is the best assistant ever, offering his hard work and keeping his humor much later than first agreed to and Julia Sariy for joining us, taking some photos, and offering her creative input. Check out her work at


Model: Alyson Allegra |

Hair & MUA: Yumi Nagashima |

Assistant: Austin Yoon